What is the Average Cost of a Funeral?

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Similar to a wedding, a funeral is a very significant event, commemorated by a gathering of family and friends and a ceremony, followed by a reception. The funeral fulfills a…

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Does the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Pay for a Veteran’s Funeral?

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How much do you really know about Veterans’ Burial Benefits? Do you know how much the VA will pay toward a veteran’s funeral? Do you know which benefits you or…

What is a Gathering?

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Also known as a post-funeral reception, the gathering is a final opportunity to experience community with others and to offer support before returning home. The gathering allows friends to strengthen…

Building a Legacy

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Making a Difference We all want to leave our fingerprints on the world. When we reflect on our mortality, we inevitably find ourselves wondering how we want to be remembered…

Living Better: Positive Psychology and Health

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Positive Thinking Want to feel younger and healthier? Being happy may help. Studies suggest that positive thinking can significantly improve physical and mental health. It’s not always easy to view…

Managing Your Digital Estate

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Digital Assets The Information Age has complicated the process of end-of-life planning. Not only do we need to focus on planning the funeral and dividing up our estate among our…

Why Plan Ahead Infographic

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This infographic shares important information and statistics on planning ahead for funeral wishes.

Why Plan Ahead for Funeral Wishes?

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You plan for everything in life — birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, vacations, homes, retirement, and much more. Why shouldn’t you also plan for final wishes? While no one likes to think about their own demise, the fact remains that one day, your family will need to make dozens of hard decisions to arrange for your final life

How to Get Started With Planning

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Planning ahead for your final wishes is simple and only takes about an hour to complete. There are three basic steps to creating a healing and meaningful funeral plan that will help your family cope with your loss on one of the hardest days of their lives.

How to Save Money with Funeral Planning

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According to the latest national statistics from the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), the average cost of a funeral has increased by 29% in a ten-year period, from $6,580 in…

Protecting Your Funeral Funds

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There are many ways to take care of the financial aspect of a funeral in advance. However, not all payment methods are created equal. Each method has its own risks and benefits, so it is up to you to decide which payment method is right for you.