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When honoring and remembering a loved one’s life, music plays a pivotal role. It helps mourners recall memories, comforts the soul, and brings tears to the eyes. And the music you select can also be an excellent way to create a truly personalized sendoff for a loved one. If your loved one was a person of faith, consider these 12 modern Christian songs as possible options for their final tribute.

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Note: Many Christian songs, like hymns, are centuries old. The songs on this list are all from the 21st century, making them much more modern. May you find just the right song to beautifully honor your loved one’s life and legacy.

1. Heaven Song (Phil Wickham – 2009)

Can’t wait to join the angels and sing
I wanna run on greener pastures
I wanna dance on higher hills

Throughout this calming song, the lyrics tell us that there’s a much better place awaiting those who have submitted their lives to God. The song reminds us that, with Heaven’s greener pastures, higher hills, and sweeter waters, a loved one is now in a place beyond our wildest dreams with a God who dearly loves them. Remembering God’s promise to prepare a place for His children is a strong source of comfort for Christians during a time of loss.

2. Dancing with the Angels (Monk & Neagle – 2014)

Your heart will be heard
In your unspoken words
Through generations to come

With its simple lyrics, this song from Monk & Neagle is a lovely tribute for any Christian. It touches on the sadness that surviving friends and family feel even as they find comfort in the knowledge that a Christian loved one is now in heaven, praising God and dancing with the angels. And even though that person is gone, their impact will be felt for generations to come.

3. Scars in Heaven (Casting Crowns – 2021)

The only scars in Heaven, they won’t belong to me and you
There’ll be no such thing as broken, and all the old will be made new
And the thought that makes me smile now, even as the tears fall down
Is that the only scars in Heaven are on the hands that hold you now

After the loss of a loved one, it’s natural and normal to wish we’d had just one more day, one more moment, with that special person. This soothing song expresses that deep desire we all feel for a little more time. Additionally, it references the beauty of Heaven, where a loved one is standing in the sun without pain, all concerns a million miles away. This song may be particularly meaningful for a Christian who went through a long-term illness or carried deep hurts with a grace-filled attitude.

4. I Will Carry You (Selah – 2009)

Through the coming years
I will carry you
All my life

Composed after the death of the songwriter’s infant daughter, this song addresses the deep pain a parent feels after the loss of a child. Mourning what could have been, all the things that will never be. But with God’s comfort as our companion, we can gladly carry the pain that comes with love and loss. For the family mourning the loss of a child, this comforting Christian song may be a meaningful addition.

5. It is Not Death to Die (Sovereign Grace – 2008)

It is not death to die
To leave this weary road
And join the saints who dwell on high
Who’ve found their home with God

Similar to hymns of old in its tempo, this song reminds Christians that there is more beyond this earthly life. For the Christian, death is merely a doorway to true life with God because Jesus conquered the grave. Because of His death and resurrection, it’s possible for us to live in God’s presence as His children. Because of this hope, Christians find comfort in the knowledge that Christian loved ones are not gone forever. There will be a reunion in Heaven one day.

6. There Will Be a Day (Jeremy Camp – 2008)

But I hold on to this hope
And the promise that He brings
That there will be a place with no more suffering

In this up-tempo song, Jeremy Camp reminds listeners that the burdens we carry now will not last forever.  There will be a day when there is no more pain and no more tears. Until then, Christians must hold fast to God through the trials and triumphs of life. Losing a loved one can be devastating, but this song reminds us that we are not alone. God sees our hurt and pain. He will one day banish pain entirely, but until that day comes, He will bring hope into the darkness of grief.

7. Welcome Home (Michael W. Smith – 2010)

I can hear the sound
As angels gather ’round
Saying this is where you belong
Welcome home

Simple yet poignant, this song reminds us that our loved ones are going on to their true home. We will deeply miss them, but they are being welcomed home with joy and gladness. On this side of Heaven, none of us can know just how incredible it will feel to be in the presence of God, to be truly home. The lyrics of this song capture the heartache we may feel after losing a loved one while also offering a gentle comfort in knowing that lost loved ones are well and truly home.

8. When I Get Where I’m Going (Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton – 2005)

Yeah, when I get where I’m going
There’ll be only happy tears
I will shed the sins and struggles
I have carried all these years
And I’ll leave my heart wide open
I will love and have no fear

While this song was released in the country music genre, both musicians are devout Christians, and the lyrics place it firmly into the modern Christian song category. Since its considered a country song, this tune may be the perfect complement for a person who loved country music. With its soothing cadence and focus on remembrance, the song brings cherished moments of our lost loved ones to the surface and helps us mourn.

9. I Will Rise (Chris Tomlin – 2008)

There’s a peace I’ve come to know
Though my heart and flesh may fail
There’s an anchor for my soul
I can say “It is well”

In times of grief, it can feel like everything is out of control. The normal and comforting rhythm of our days is disrupted, and things feel stressful and unknown. This song reminds us that in the difficult moments, the times of grief, we can find an anchor from the storm in God. As we turn to Him, He will give us the strength to make it through this season of loss. That is a true comfort for the grieving, knowing that God is present and close through it all.

10. On My Way Home (The Booth Brothers – 2020)

I’m only passin’ through on my way Home
Heaven is the place where I belong
More than just a feeling or a dream
A land beyond the stars is calling me
When the Savior comes for me, I’ll go
To live forever, finally at Home

With its old-school vibe and soothing vocals, this song will add a soft, comforting feel to any final tribute. With its focus on the temporary nature of our time here on Earth, it lovingly reminds listeners that Heaven is the place where we will find true belonging. If you are planning a service for a Christian who often spoke of looking forward to meeting Jesus face-to-face, this song could be a great way to include that sentiment in their final sendoff.

11. When the Tears Fall (Tim Hughes – 2004)

In the lone hour of my sorrow
Through the darkest night of my soul
You surround me, You sustain me
My defender for ever more

Throughout our lives, we experience uncertainty, pain, grief, fear, anxiety, and so much more. But for the Christian, God is an ever-present help in times of trouble. This beautiful melody encourages us to lean on God during times of struggle and learn how to praise Him even when it’s hard. When tears fall, He’s there to wipe them away. When grief crushes, He’s there to bind the broken-hearted. This song is a poignant reminder that grief is not a journey you must travel alone – it’s walked with God.

12. I Can Only Imagine (MercyMe – 2001)

I can only imagine
What it will be like
When I walk by Your side
I can only imagine
What my eyes would see
When Your face is before me

Very popular in both Christian and mainstream circles at its release, this beautiful song has stood the test of time and is perfect for any funeral service. With vivid imagery, the lyrics paint a picture of Heaven and the true awe that every Christian will feel in the presence of God. The words paired with the pleasant melody create a song that tugs at the heartstrings – creating a sense of wonder and anticipation. To leave mourners feelings uplifted and encouraged in the face of loss, consider including this song at a loved one’s final tribute.

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